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Brian's Story

Brian started playing golf when he was six years old.  His dad would take Brian and his brother, Chris, to the Fairless Hills Golf Course to teach them the rules of golf and proper golf etiquette.  Brian was a natural golfer and he loved to play.  Very soon the student exceeded the teacher.  He could hit the ball a mile and was very serious about improving his game.  And he did.   He was a member of the Conwell-Egan Catholic High School Golf Team and loved tournament play.  After high school, the game remained his favorite hobby and he would play often.  He became a member of the Northampton Valley Country Club and represented the Club as a member of their  Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP) team.  Golf was a passion that Brian shared with his dad and they would play together often.  Brian could often be heard walking around the house in anticipation of an upcoming good weather day chanting, “Golf, golf, golf!” So, it was only fitting that golf would play a central role  in celebrating Brian’s birthday.  


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